The Pulitzer Prize winning American poet, Richard Everhard, once said that “style is the perfection of a point of view.”  We all have our own unique point of view, and we all have our own unique sense of style, but all too often we are afraid to express either one.  So, what is holding us back?  A recent article in Psychology Today titled “Why We Don’t Speak Up” suggests that the most common reason people refrain from expressing their opinion is a fear of rejection, and cites a study that used fMRI scans of the brain to show that the neural pathways activated when we are rejected are the same ones activated when we experience physical pain.  And if you think speaking up when you disagree with your co-workers takes guts, try doing it in a polkadot suit!  For some men, just coming to the office in a casual button-up shirt without a tie would qualify as a bold expression of their individual style.  For Mr. Everhard, it was a very dandy three-piece suit and a bow tie.  And, for the most free spirited amongst us, it may even be head-to-toe polkadots.  Well, whatever your point of view may be, we hope that you will express yourself fearlessly — both through your words and through fashion.  And rest assured that we will never judge you, and we’ll be right here to inspire you and offer guidance along the way, as we try to express and perfect our own unique point of view.