Executive Image Consultant

What nonverbal message are you sending to your customers, employees and investors?  For anyone in the public eye, it is essential to realize that you’ve already made your first impression before you’ve said a word.  And, as an corporate executive, particularly as a CEO, it is your responsibility to cultivate the best possible image for your company, and your wardrobe has more of an effect upon your ability to do so than you may realize.  Studies have shown how important your image is in determining people’s initial impression of you, and that men in suits are perceived as smarter and more competent than their casual counterparts.  But it’s not all about what’s going on in other people’s minds.  A recent study conducted by researchers at Columbia University and California State University actually found that “wearing more formal clothing changes the way you think,” leading to more “high-level, big picture thinking.”

Ezra Cayman Bespoke Couture specializes in executive image consultation, and regularly works with top executives at Oracle, DirecTV, eBay, American Express, Palantir, Alaska Airlines, PayPal and many other Fortune 50 companies.  We can help you navigate the tricky terrain of non-verbal messaging, as well as ensuring that you select the most flattering patterns, colors and fabrics for your next on-camera appearance.

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